About Us

ATSpeed, with over 20 years of experience is a leading force in the Power Electronics market in South Africa.

ATSpeed specializes in the design, supply and manufacturing of Variable speed drives, Soft Starters, Rectifiers and Control Panels. Our technical staff are ready to assist with all installation and commissioning requirements.

ATSpeed is a partnered with various Internationally recognised Brands including Danfoss, Control Techniques (EMERSON), CRS Quasar and Koyo. We supply most all industrial electronic components such as variable speed drives, Soft Starters, Rectifiers, Switchgear, Electric motors, Gear boxes, Transformers, Encoders, cabling and cable splicing kits, Braking Resistors, Chokes, Ex rated industrial lighting as well as electrical panels and Control Centres.

Further agreements allow ATSpeed to offer a comprehensive range of Solenoid Valves and Coils, Temperature Switches and Sensors as well as Pressure Switches and Sensors to suit most industrial applications. ATSpeed also supplies Panel Air Conditioning units and Chillers.

Our manufacturing plant can assist in the design and manufacture of most associated steel products including sectional Lighting Masts.

ATSpeed has a fully equipped workshop to facilitate the servicing and repair of variable speed drives and soft starters in the shortest possible time. For larger frame variable speed drives our technicians are able to repair the units on site, saving the customer expensive costs associated with removing and reinstalling the units, this also reduces the plants down time.

Our technical staff are able to assist with all your retrofitting and new design and installation needs.